Windows Copilot is available for testing

During the Build 2023 event, Microsoft revealed their addition of the Windows Copilot digital assistant service to the Windows 11 operating system. Now available for trial with the new Windows 11 test version through the Dev Channel, it enables users participating in the Windows Insiders testing program to download and experiment with the feature.

The new test version of Windows 11, Build 23493, is embedded with a preview version of the Windows Copilot digital assistant service. It can be swiftly summoned through the newly added Windows Copilot icon in the taskbar, or via the ‘Win’ + ‘C’ keyboard shortcut. Users must log in using a personal Microsoft account or an Azure Active Directory account to access the service.

The preview version primarily provides an operational interface and basic application functions, with Microsoft set to extend the service through subsequent updates.

The current capabilities encompass switching the operating system interface to dark mode, activating the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, or capturing a screenshot. While viewing webpage content through the Microsoft Edge browser, users can employ Windows Copilot to summarize the content. Additionally, it can employ auto-generative artificial intelligence to create stories such as ‘Write a story about a dog who lives on the moon’, and automatically generate images such as ‘Make me a picture of a serene koi fishpond with lily pads’.

On another note, Microsoft has revamped the Windows 11 settings interface, allowing users to automatically restore downloads of apps not listed on the Microsoft Store. They have also added support for a wider range of open-source compressed file formats such as .tar, .tar.gz, .7z, .txz, and more. They have redesigned the system’s audio mixing adjustment feature and added localized voice content for Japanese and English, including the addition of a British accent.