Windows App Manages Multiple Cloud Accounts

Recently, Microsoft unveiled a new application called “Windows App,” currently available in its preview version. This remote utility offers users the convenience of controlling all their remote desktop connections at any time, anywhere. This includes Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Dev Boxes, Windows 365 virtual machines, as well as Remote Desktop Services and Remote PC (the latter being exclusively for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS users).

The interface of the Windows App is intuitively simple, featuring a homepage, device page, and application page. Remote sessions are organized within a large window, each session displaying the wallpaper, name, and system specifications of the host system (specifically for devices using Windows 365). The Windows App also incorporates a dedicated application menu, allowing users to instantly jump to any remote application without needing to first connect to the app’s host.

Microsoft reportedly plans to introduce the Windows 365 virtual machine service to consumers in the future. The goal of this initiative is to enable users to run their personal Windows 11 on any device through the power of cloud computing. Additionally, the Windows App may potentially replace Microsoft’s yet-to-be-updated Remote Desktop application. If Microsoft’s plans come to fruition, the Windows App will evolve into an application serving both mainstream consumers and the business sector.

Currently, the Windows App is available for use on iPadOS, iOS, Windows, and the web. It is anticipated that forthcoming updates will introduce a corresponding Android version, which should not be long in the making.