Microsoft Confirms Bringing AI Features to Windows 10

Following the integration of numerous Copilot artificial intelligence features into Windows 11, Microsoft has now confirmed the expansion of the Copilot functionality to the existing Windows 10. This move is aimed at allowing a broader audience to access convenient artificial intelligence services through the Windows operating system.

The Copilot feature for Windows 10 is expected to be initially available for preview in select regions of North America, South America, and Asia within the next few months, though the release date for the official version remains unconfirmed.

Users will be able to access the upcoming version through the Windows Insider Program, allowing them to utilize the Copilot features planned for Windows 10. This includes assistance with Windows functionalities and enhancing the efficiency of document organization.

The additional incorporation of Copilot features into Windows 10 is likely influenced by the current market share of Windows 10 users, which remains significantly high. Relevant data shows that Windows 11 accounts for only 26% of all Windows operating system installations, while Windows 10 still dominates with a 69% share. Therefore, extending Copilot to Windows 10 is anticipated to attract more users.

On another note, during the Ignite 2023 event, Microsoft also confirmed that it will rebrand the existing Bing Chat service as Copilot, integrating it across various Microsoft AI applications.