Windows 11 will create a large number of empty folders in the System32 directory

According to the Ghacks report, Windows 11 seems to create a large number of empty folders in the System32 directory and are marked as temporary files.

This problem does not affect all users, and creating these empty folders will not take up system space, and whether to delete them will not affect the normal use of the system.

The only question is why the system creates so many empty folders? The media said that as early as 2019, users discovered that the Windows system would create empty folders.

Now this problem also affects the Windows 11 system, of course, if the user is not idle and has nothing to check the folders one by one, they will not find this situation.

The empty folder is located at: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local. The end of the folder is tmp.

The investigation found that this problem may be related to the Provisioning Package Runtime Processing tool, and the corresponding process is ProvTool.exe.

If you try to access this directory in Explorer, you may be prompted to require administrator permissions. After you click OK, you can check whether there are empty folders.

It needs to be emphasized again that the empty folder takes up very little disk space, but if the user really wants to delete it, just delete it directly. This will not affect the normal operation of the system.