Microsoft Defender will provide cloud management and turn it into a security dashboard

Earlier, we mentioned that Microsoft is developing a new version of the Microsoft Defender antivirus software. Unfortunately, most users found that they could not log in to their account after installation.

As for why it can be downloaded and installed but cannot log in to the account, the reason is now known: this version may require the company’s administrator to approve the account before it can be used.

Of course, this limitation is only during the test period. It is not clear whether this version is provided to enterprises or to all home users.

We know that the built-in Microsoft antivirus software of Windows 11 provides a variety of management functions, including but not limited to virus scanning, account management, and device security.

The Microsoft Defender Preview under development is more like management software, in this version the software will automatically collect all the devices that login to the account.

For example, if you log in with your Microsoft account on two devices, you can check the security configuration of other computers in the new version, or whether there is a security warning at this time, etc.

That is to say, through this security management software, users can manage all devices in batches, and may even support the direct processing of viruses on devices through the cloud.

If you think that individual users do not have so many computers that need to be managed centrally, then Microsoft will tell you that the software supports not only computers but also other devices.

Unpacking the software installation package reveals that the icons contained inside it also include Android, iOS, and macOS, which means that the supported devices are very wide.

Source: @AhmedWalid605