Windows 11 is scheduled to release an important update once a year

When Windows 10 was released, Microsoft promised to provide users with 2 updates per year. At least until 2019, Microsoft did provide users with 2 feature updates per year.

However, in the fall of 2019, Microsoft released a minor update. The so-called minor update is that only upgrading the version number will not bring too many new features or system adjustments.

The same is true in 2020 and 2021: the 20H2 version is a minor update, the 21H1 version is a minor update, and the upcoming 21H2 is also a minor update.

Therefore, in essence, Windows 10 is adjusted from 2 important updates to 1 update every year. These minor updates used to make up the upgrade version number can be ignored.

Windows 11 Dev Build 22000.51

The original Sun Valley update was replaced by the Windows 11 system. Now that the name of the operating system has been changed, the previous promise naturally does not need to be followed.

Microsoft officially confirmed that the next important update of Windows 11 will be released in the fall of next year, and the updating rhythm of the entire system is to release an important feature update once a year.

For Microsoft, reducing the frequency of changes can reduce the workload and focus on the development of new features. Of course, we hope that Microsoft can improve the stability of the new version while reducing the frequency of changes.

After the adjustment of the replacement cycle, Microsoft also made corresponding adjustments to the product life cycle. The original Windows 10 consumer series version support cycle was 18 months.

That is, the newly launched feature updates will stop supporting after 18 months and must be upgraded, while the enterprise version will have additional support for 24 months or even longer.

In Windows 11, only one update per year for 18 months of support is a bit short. Therefore, Microsoft will provide support for Windows 11 for 24 months.

The support period for the enterprise version, including the batch education version, is 36 months, so if consumers or enterprises are unwilling to upgrade, they can fully use the old version.

During the support period, Microsoft will release cumulative updates every month for security or feature fixes, and will not stop issuing security updates until the period is reached.

Via: windowslatest