Firefox may be available for users to download and install directly in Windows 11’s Microsoft Store

In Windows 11, Microsoft redesigned the app store, and at the same time, Microsoft also updated the developer policy of the app store to remove many restrictions.

The new Windows 11 application store now supports applications with more architectures, whether it is traditional desktop applications or progressive web applications.

It is not yet clear whether Google Chrome will land on the Microsoft Store, but it is certain that Firefox will land on the Microsoft Store for users to download.

Microsoft Store Win32 app

Mozilla engineers confirmed that the company is considering launching the Microsoft Store version of the Firefox browser, and related themed activities and information will be released as soon as this week.

Firefox is designed to bring you a more modern and quieter mobile web experience. It seems that the new Firefox browser should be ready and only wait for the final online release. At that time, the Windows 10 version of the Microsoft Store should also be able to download Firefox.

Nick Alexander, Senior Performance Software Engineer at Mozilla, said:

Indeed! There’s a lot of activity that will happen very quickly starting in just a few short days on this very subject, but I can’t link to most of it just this moment. Next week [July 5+] you should see public movement.

It should be emphasized here that traditional desktop programs such as the Firefox browsers will not change the architecture when they land to the Microsoft Store, that is, they will still be submitted in the form of Win32.

After Microsoft opens the application store, developers of such applications can release software freely, and there is no need to remake or develop special editions as before.

After the user downloads the Firefox browser from the Microsoft Store, subsequent monthly updates will be delivered through Mozilla’s own network, rather than automatic updates through the store.

So for the Firefox browser, the Microsoft Store is just a download or promotion channel, which can make it more convenient for new users to download and install the Firefox browser.

Via: windowslatest