Windows 11 finally makes it easier to set the default browser

In Windows 11, Microsoft came up with a very sinister trick to promote its own browser: it made it impossible for users to set the default browser with one click. By default, the system uses Microsoft Edge as the default browser. If the user wants to switch, it can also be set one by one according to the protocol. For example, in the most important HTTP/HTTPS protocol, the user must find the corresponding file protocol and then click and select another browser to become the default.

There are many commonly used protocols including but not limited to HTTP, HTTPS, htm, html, mhtml, shtml, PDF, svg, mailto: and so on. This is very difficult for ordinary users to switch browsers, even if the user is willing to switch so many protocols one by one, it will drive individuals crazy.
In the Windows 11 development version, the quick association protocol by software is already supported. For example, when you click on Google Chrome, you can set the default program with one click. At present, this improvement has reached the stable version through the update preview KB5011563, and users can also quickly set the default program after installing the update. Please note that this cumulative update is a test update. It is recommended that users who pursue stability wait for the official version to be released next month. If you want to experience it in advance, you can download and install it.

In addition, when users try to switch protocol associations, Microsoft will still recommend that users continue to use the Microsoft Edge browser unless the user is determined to switch.