Windows 11 adds new group policy options to improve Explorer and Start menu efficiency

As early as 2019, Microsoft adjusted the search box in Windows Explorer. After the adjustment, user searches will actually retrieve files from the cloud. For example, when a user has subscribed to Microsoft 365 and uses OneDrive to store content, the search results will include changes in The advantage of this feature for users is that all files can be found quickly, even files saved in the cloud can be quickly found, downloaded, and opened locally. However, supporting cloud search means that the response speed of both the resource manager and the start menu will be longer because it always takes time to connect to the network.

In the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview version, Microsoft has added a new policy to the Group Policy, which allows users to directly disable file retrieval from When the user disables, the quick access of  Windows File Explorer will not include cloud files, and the Explorer will no longer send cloud query requests to improve efficiency. Therefore, disabling it can reduce the use of background data and resources to improve response efficiency. It is worth noting that disabling it will also help improve the response efficiency of the Start menu because the start menu will also retrieve cloud files and cause the startup time to be slightly longer. Microsoft provides this feature, on the one hand, to facilitate user use, on the other hand, naturally promotes Microsoft 365, but this may affect the user experience.

Via: windowslatest