Windows 11 22H2 is expected to be completed in May next year

In October 2021, Microsoft officially launched the Windows 11 system. This new system has a lot of updated experience and is different from Windows 10 in the user interface.

Of course, this version also has a lot of usage problems, so many users complain, so in the spring of next year, Microsoft will launch a new version with more complete functions.

Well-known editor Zac Bowden obtained exclusive inside information that Windows 11 22H2 RTM will be completed in May, and the final version will be completed sometime in the summer.

And this new version is more like Windows 10 version 1511, which Microsoft released in October 2015 to solve the problems of the original version of Windows 10.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22518

Zac Bowden said that internal sources said that Windows 11 22H2 will be launched as scheduled by Microsoft, which is around October 2022.

However, the development of the 22H2 mainline version will be completed in May 2022. After the development is completed, Microsoft will pass the preview program to test it until the RTM is released sometime in the summer.

There will indeed be new features in this version, but Windows 11 22H2 is more like a complete update to improve some of the features and experience of the initial version of Windows 11.

Including some features that have been planned by Microsoft but have not had time to be released to the initial version, such as the highly anticipated Windows 11 Android subsystem features.

It has been confirmed that the Android subsystem will arrive in the next update, and more users can run Android applications directly through Windows 11.

In addition, the internal code name of Windows 11 22H2 is Sun Valley 2, which also shows that Microsoft hopes to improve the functional experience of the current version.

Another noteworthy change is that Microsoft will open the widget function to third-party developers in the next update, that is, third-party developers can also use widgets.

Widgets are one of the characteristic functions of the Windows 11 system, but at present, there are only widgets developed by Microsoft itself and the functions are simple and not effective.

If Microsoft provides third-party developers with widget functions, then developers can implement various functions through widgets to enrich the user’s desktop experience.