Windows 10X RTM version has been delayed again

It is said that the modern Windows 10X operating system version developed by Microsoft for lightweight devices has been postponed many times. Originally, the system should have been officially released last year.

As a result, Microsoft delayed it until the spring of this year due to development work and positioning confusion. Specifically, the original new plan was to launch the version in March this year.

Unfortunately, this version seems to be delayed again. The latest news from well-known editor ZAC BOWDEN is that Microsoft will postpone the version until the end of spring.

As for why the release was delayed again, it is not yet clear. Microsoft has revealed so little information about the operating system that it has never had an accurate timetable.

ZAC BOWDEN said that although Microsoft did not give a valid reason for the previous delays, this time Microsoft may hope that this version can have the best experience.

Windows 10X modern standby function

That is, Microsoft hopes to conduct more tests and preparations before the official release, so as not to bring all kinds of new problems like the cumulative updates released every month.

Of course, this is only inside information obtained by the media rather than official Microsoft news. Microsoft, as always, remains silent on the system and is unwilling to disclose any new information.

The media said that Microsoft plans to postpone the release of the system until the end of spring. As for the notebook computers equipped with the system, it will have to wait until sometime in the second half of the year.

For now, Microsoft has not delivered the Windows 10X version to OEM manufacturers, so manufacturers need to continue to wait for Microsoft to release the final product.

Although the system supports both the ARM architecture and the x86 architecture in terms of hardware, Microsoft’s restrictions on software support make most of the software unavailable.

For example, the system does not support Win32 software and can only run UWP software or PWA applications. For office users or home users, software support is a problem.

For educated users, this is not a big problem. Instead, malware can be avoided to improve security. After all, elementary and middle school students do not need too much-specialized software.

Of course, if you have a computer for the elderly or children at home, you can also install the system, so you can avoid the invasion of malware and rogue software.

Via: windowscentral