Windows 10 Your Phone app displays WiFi signal strength and battery indicator

Your Phone app is a system application integrated by Microsoft in Windows 10, designed to help users connect to Android devices and directly operate Android devices on their computers.

The functions that have been provided include sending and receiving text messages directly, viewing photo albums, viewing contacts, and even making and receiving calls on the computer. Microsoft is still developing new functions.

The latest Your Phone app beta version provided by Microsoft to bring the WiFi signal strength indicator and battery indicator, allowing users to check the system status of the Android machine directly on the computer.

It is worth noting that this feature has been developed by Microsoft for a long time but has not been released. It is only now that Microsoft has provided this feature to some users in the beta version.

After the beta version is completed, the new version will also be pushed to the stable version users. Interested users can download Your Phone app and connect to their Android device to try.

Source: Florian B Via: mspoweruser