Windows 10 RedStone 4 branch first Build 16353 release


Microsoft’s fast channel users for the Windows Insider project have released the Skip Ahead feature, allowing users who prefer early adopters to skip the rs-release channel and go to the Redstone 4 branch. Today, the first RS4 branch version of Build 16353 officially released, but this version update does not bring any new features, still some BUG repair and background performance adjustment.

As usual, this update log mainly contains the following:

● In the case of Action Center default black, the words “Clear All”, “expand” or “collapse” or “see more” can now use the system-provided Accent Color.

• Action Center updates to support two-finger touch gestures to show all notifications as read. Place the two fingers vertically on the edge of the Action Center and slide it toward the edge of the screen. You will notice that all notifications will follow your finger and then slide to the other side of the screen to clear the notifications The

● Fixed a bug where the text animation was temporarily blurred when the animation was stopped (for example, on the Load Settings main page).

● Fixed a situation where the thickness of the taskbar was different when an external monitor with different DPIs was attached.

● repair Slideshow from sleep state recovery may enter the lock screen state, and need to press Ctrl + Alt + Del way to activate the skip situation.

● Fix Asphalt 8 may not accept input

● Fixed a situation where the Edge browser did not change when the browser was accessed while accessing some websites

● Fixed a situation where the string that caused Windows Hello to appear at the top during the password reset from the login page.

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