Windows 10 new “Reveal” effects: sliding in the options more beautiful


Through the accidental leak of Windows 10 Mobile internal development version of the deep excavation, foreign media found for the mobile phone side Windows CShell user interface and the second generation Continuum interface, so as to ensure that the mobile terminal and desktop to get a unified interactive experience.In the latest release of Windows 10 Build 16226 version, Shell experience again enhanced upgrade.


In the Build 16226 version update, Microsoft added a new interface called Reveal animation effects. When the user’s mouse slides in an area such as an entry, the glass window perspective effect is added in order to allow the user to know the current focus.


Reveal has both Hover Reveal and Border Reveal. When the mouse hovers or slides on a project, then this behavior will be in the cursor position to form a soft aperture, so that the user’s current cursor position.

And Border Reveal is deployed near the current cursor location elements and elements. For example, in the above case, two white lines are displayed on the rectangle of the entry to allow the user to interact with the current cursor.

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