Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

StatCounter: Windows 10 market share continues to surpass Windows 7

1 min read

New data from September 2019, provided by analyst firm StatCounter, shows that Windows 10’s market share has been growing, and the market share of Windows 7 before its end of support in January 2020 began to decline. The Windows 10 market share increased from 59.82% in August to 60.65% in September, while Windows 7 dropped from 30.92% to 29.39%.

Microsoft recently revealed that Windows 10 is running on more than 900 million devices, which indicates that the overall pace of accelerated upgrades has contributed significantly to achieving this milestone compared to older versions of Windows (especially Windows 7).

Windows 7 has long been considered the only replacement for Windows 10, especially since it is the last version of Windows with a classic desktop, and many people decided to stick with Windows 7 to simplify the experience because they were not used to the new system.

However, with the support of Windows 7 terminated in just a few months, more and more devices are being upgraded to Windows 10, which makes sense from a security perspective.