Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

Microsoft announced Windows 10X for dual-screen and foldable screen devices

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At the conference last night, Microsoft officially announced the Windows 10X operating system, which is designed specifically for dual-screen and foldable screens. Microsoft is expected to share the operating system with device manufacturers, and subsequent devices such as ASUS, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Lenovo will launch devices equipped with this system.

The Windows 10X operating system is actually tailored based on the Windows 10 normal version. Microsoft said it needs to follow the trend of the times to provide flexible innovation. In order to be able to deliver in a simpler way in today’s highly flexible and full-featured devices, this is why Microsoft introduced the Windows 10X system.

Windows 10 systems currently have quite a number of branching versions and each version has a different purpose, such as a long-term support version specifically for those who are striving for stability. Microsoft said Windows 10X offers a great experience in more forms of dual-screen or foldable devices. This new branch release is able to meet today’s growing mobile needs. Windows 10X helps users get their work done faster than ever before, taking notes on one screen and viewing suggestions on another. Or check the email and write a weekly newspaper while waiting for lunch. After you finish watching, you can watch the video and browse the web or other books so that users can regain their lives. For business users, Microsoft mainly provides a better productivity tool experience, such as the ability to open multiple spreadsheets at the same time to view the latest statistical analysis data. You can talk on one screen and view the presentation on another screen, or open a new file as a conference reference while a multi-person video conference.

Windows 10X

Microsoft said that Windows 10X comes from Windows 10, so users will be familiar with this operating system and have no difficulty in learning. Microsoft said it hopes the operating system can manage the power consumed by a large number of applications, hoping to provide users with better hardware performance and compatibility. In order to achieve this goal, Microsoft did not directly develop a new operating system, but adjusted and optimized based on Windows 10 to find a solution. Simply put, Microsoft is building this new version with Windows Core OS, and the Windows 10X version still has a very good user experience.

Microsoft said that the operating system is now available for preview but needs developer support, that is, the application can automatically switch between dual screens and so on. For Microsoft, this has to wait for the application developer to adapt, so the next major thing is to build the Windows 10X ecosystem. Devices powered by Windows 10X operating systems from major manufacturers will be available in the fall of 2020. These devices are mainly powered by Intel processors. Microsoft also stressed that Windows 10X cannot be used for laptops that have already been released because the system itself is designed for dual screens.