September 21, 2020

Windows 10 KB4571756 causes WSL2 to function abnormally

1 min read

It is no surprise that Microsoft’s cumulative update always fixes previous problems and brings new problems, such as the cumulative update KB4571756 that Microsoft launched yesterday.

This update was introduced by Microsoft to Windows 10 v2004 to fix known issues, but some developers found that WSL2 functions abnormally after installation.

When running the WSL2 feature, it will directly prompt the error that the element cannot be found. Even if the Linux subsystem distribution is reinstalled, it still cannot run WSL2 normally.

Some developers still cannot solve the problem after many attempts, and finally, choose to uninstall the latest installed cumulative update. The good news is that the uninstallation will return to normal.

Obviously, it is the latest cumulative update that caused the abnormal function. At present, quite a lot of developers have reported this problem in the official Microsoft forum. However, at present, Microsoft has not responded to these questions to the developers.

Therefore, here we also recommend that developers who encounter this problem directly uninstall the cumulative update, and usually do not download and install the cumulative update the first time.

Via: bleepingcomputer