Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Hits New Milestones on 800 Million Devices

Windows 10 hits 800 Million Devices

According to the latest statistics released by Microsoft, the Windows 10 system has been successfully operated on 800 million devices worldwide. Windows 10 was stagnant in the middle of last year before it broke through the 800 million integer mark. Microsoft initially announced a milestone of 700 million in May last year. But from May last year to last September, Microsoft repeatedly mentioned the 700 million mark, which means that Windows 10 has barely increased in the past few months.

The Microsoft Story Lab website recently announced that Windows 10 has reached the 800 million mark, and Microsoft executives have also confirmed this data on Twitter.

Microsoft expressed its gratitude to the global users for their trust in the company using the Windows 10 system and thanked the partners for helping Microsoft achieve this new achievement. Then Microsoft executives said that the Windows 10 system is the highest customer satisfaction in the history of Windows.