Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser initially only support 64-bit Windows 10

Microsoft Edge

Earlier, Microsoft announced that it would abandon its own Microsoft Edge kernel and switch to the Google-driven Chromium open source project and rebuild the browser. Microsoft said at the time that the new Chromium Edge browser will support multiple operating systems, such as Windows 7/8/10 and Apple’s macOS.

Microsoft Edge

The latest news confirms that Microsoft has completed the build of the earlier version and is ready to release the beta version, but only supports the 64-bit version of Windows 10 system. Of course, for Microsoft, it is certainly not going to give up the 32-bit operating system so quickly. It may be that the development work is relatively tight and the scope will be reduced.

Chromium Edge browser temporarily only prompts users to register for test members on the official website. After the register, an email will be sent to remind users to download. The 64-bit Windows 10 system limitation was added by Microsoft’s recent update documentation, so there is a high probability that the 32-bit version will not be compiled.

According to the leaks, Microsoft will also build a special extension library for Chromium Edge, which is directly downloaded from the Microsoft Store. But users can also directly access the Chrome Web Store app store to download extensions, so even Windows 7 systems are stress-free.

Via: Neowin