Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Windows 10 20H2 will be a minor update but bring a few adjustments and improvements

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Microsoft launched Windows 10 Version 1909 last fall as a minor update. This version has no new key features.

Earlier we mentioned that Windows 10 Version 2009, which will be released this fall, will also be a small update, and now there are more sources confirming this.

At least from now on, Windows 10 will substantially become a major version update once a year. It is reasonable to say that this may help improve the overall stability of the system.

WindowsLatest posted that Windows 10 20H2 version, they have received more information to confirm that this version is a minor update, so there are not many new features.


WindowsLatest said that their source pointed out that the new version this fall is a minor version, and it is a small update like Windows 10 Version 1909.

Therefore, there are almost no new features worthy of attention in terms of functions. Only some system settings and functions have been optimized and adjusted.

From the current news, this version only has some functional adjustments and improvements, such as diagnostic data, task manager architecture, and volume control.

Among them, the diagnosis data mainly renames the diagnosis data at different levels to reduce confusion, so that the user’s privacy settings can be more clear and clear.

This configuration item allows users to choose which data is shared with Microsoft and which is not shared with Microsoft. For users, they can control the data.