Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Microsoft showcases the design of new Start Menu and File Explorer for Windows 10

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Earlier, Microsoft officially announced that Windows 10 global active users reached 1 billion milestones. However, since the release of Windows 10 in 2015, the UI interface has not changed much, and classic presentations such as the start menu are still used today.

To celebrate the milestone of active users, Microsoft ’s chief product officer announced a new style of the Windows 10 Start Menu and will provide it to users in the future.

This new Start Menu style is similar to the style disclosed by Microsoft in the previous interaction. In short, it is to completely abandon the dynamic tile function of the acrylic effect.

As shown in the figure, Microsoft is testing the redesigned Start Menu, and the new version of the Start Menu no longer emphasizes the current dynamic tile with an acrylic translucent effect.

The updated interface of the Start Menu will contain fewer colored blocks and live tiles don’t seem to be the focus, of course, this does not mean that Microsoft will cancel live tiles.

Microsoft seems to want to make the Start Menu look more modern by eliminating unnecessary elements and clutter, and in conjunction with the new color icons that Microsoft has recently pushed.

This style of file explorer is actually what we recently saw in Windows 10X, and it looks like the Windows 10 will also get this new version.

The new version of File Explorer looks similar to the grid layout adopted by OneDrive Online, giving users more clarity when using File Explorer.

Of course, in terms of function, this modern file explorer cannot be compared with the traditional version, so it is difficult for temporary users to estimate it as the default resource manager.

Via: wccftech