What is the phenomenon of the popularity of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a cult MMO RPG, which is considered the best project in the genre in the history of games. And the reason here is many factors, and one of them is the constant development and refinement of the world of Azeroth with regular updates and the introduction of new mechanics.

If you have never played World of Warcraft before, then the Dragonflight update is the best time to try it.

Firstly, the game meta has been significantly redesigned, new territories have been added and the system for crafting and farming valuable resources has been simplified.

Secondly, new mechanics and ways of spending time outside of farming and PvP have been added. Flying dragons, professions and fishing, and much more.

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What are the phenomenon of World of Warcraft and the reason for its unabated popularity among players for 20 years and regular returns to the world of Azeroth?


In World of Warcraft, there is a famous confrontation between representatives of two fractions – the Horde and the Alliance. They are divided into races and have their own lands and main cities and disputed territories for which there are constant battles.

You need to choose your side of the conflict and become part of the confrontation.

Choose the faction and race that is closer to you in spirit, because in a series of updates all races and classes have been balanced, and each player can comfortably play and confront the enemy without any problems. The only question is equipment and the ability to manage and understand your hero.


As you understand from the faction system and the irreconcilable confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance, there is no need to get bored in the game.

Of course, in the process of learning and getting to know the game for the first time, you will not encounter the enemy everywhere on your way, but gradually there will be more such places and hunting zones will become places for battles between factions involving players of different levels and equipment, and such events significantly unite players among themselves, and keep the community alive.

Ways to fight enemies in World of Warcraft:

  • In the pumping and farming zones
  • Arenas
  • In large-scale battles for disputed territories

Each of the above methods will bring you special battle coins, which are issued for victories in a fair fight over an opponent of equal strength. Coins can be exchanged for special equipment and weapons with improved performance for battles between players.

Important clarifications – coins are awarded only for victories over an opponent equal or superior in strength to you. If you kill players less than you in level, then you simply will not receive a reward and the community does not welcome such behavior and will be punished by older players to call on small levels.

Arena coins do not differ in their purpose, only the way they are obtained differs. You need to fight 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 enemies where the winners get arena coins.

Once in a certain period, large-scale battles take place in the World of Warcraft, where the Horde and the Alliance fight each other for the right to control the disputed lands.

All participants in the battle who prove themselves regardless of the outcome receive commemorative battle coins, equivalent to PVP coins and Arena coins.

All these coins can and should be used to buy equipment, weapons, and jewelry of good quality, with an emphasis on parameters important in PVP.

This is a great alternative for those players who love combat more than farming and raiding. But you need to be ready to endure a difficult period due to the lack of good equipment at the start, but gradually with an increase in coins the situation will improve, and damage, ability to use skills and equipment will become better.

Profession system

Professions are a great alternative and companion activity to farming and raiding.

Engaging in professions allows you to accumulate and produce useful items and resources that will help make your character stronger, fully equip him, and engage in sales and crafting in the game market in order to earn gold, experience, and gain publicity on the server about your talents.

Professions can be divided into crafting and gathering, and the player can learn only two main professions and three additional – fishing, cooking, and archeology.

It is worth choosing professions so that they can be combined to provide you with a full production cycle, or a good income.

It makes no sense to take two creating professions – you will not have a good influx of resources for pumping them, and buying them is too expensive at the start – you simply will not have that kind of money.

The two gathering professions are a smarter option if you’re willing to forgo production in favor of pure income from selling materials and valuable items that you can get in the process.

Gathering Professions:

  • Mining
  • Skinning
  • Collection of herbs

Mining – process rocks to find various ores and gems in them. You will need a pickaxe, which is purchased in the city from a local NPC. Mining is the starting point in the world of blacksmithing and jewelry.

Skinning – skin dead animals with a special knife. You can skin a trophy that you didn’t kill. The knife is purchased from an NPC in the city – the skins are converted into leather and used to create light equipment.

Collecting herbs – does not require additional tools. Collect herbs and plants that stand out from the general area and use them in alchemy and first aid.

Creating Professions:

  • Alchemy
  • Inscription
  • Jewelry
  • Blacksmith craft
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring

Alchemy is the processing of plants and flowers to produce offensive and auxiliary potions.

Inscription – creating scrolls of recipes and working with reagents to create magical staves.

Jewelcrafting is the processing of precious stones and the creation of jewelry that gives the hero additional parameters and adds protection from magical attacks. The most difficult profession is due to the difficulty of obtaining consumables, but also products have a good total value for their creator.

Blacksmithing – work with metals, production of weapons, armor, and tools. One of the most sought-after professions covers many classes.

Leatherworking – the creation of leather equipment.

Tailoring is the extraction of materials for the production of thread and the creation of magical armor.