WeChat will be completely suspended in the U.S

US President Trump has already signed an executive order that prohibits all Americans from using the TikTok app and Tencent’s WeChat, takes effect in 45 days. This date is actually the date when Trump asked ByteDance to sell the international version of Tiktok. If the transaction is not reached after this date, the Tiktok app will be blocked.

If the deal is concluded that Microsoft acquires the ownership of Tiktok in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, it will not be blocked and can continue to be used by the public.

In fact, Trump signed two executive orders, but the contents of the orders are basically the same, and Tiktok and WeChat apps are completely banned under the pretext of endangering US national security.

The executive order signed by Trump invoked the provisions of the US “International Emergency Economic Powers Act” and “National Emergency Act” to bypass the normal process. Because it is more complicated to block a company in accordance with the normal process, in addition to the executive power represented by Trump, it needs to be reviewed by other authorities in the United States.

The current executive orders signed by Trump essentially bypass many existing rules in the United States, but even so, these executive orders seem to be implemented.

For Bytedance, although the sale of TikTok will cause huge losses, the potential losses will be even greater if the TikTok app is directly blocked by the United States.

As an instant messaging tool and social application, WeChat is relatively less popular in the United States than the Tiktok app, but even so, there are still millions of users. For Tencent, it is impossible to sell the WeChat app to stop loss like ByteDance.

The end result is that WeChat will be completely blocked in the United States and will no longer be allowed to use it. Of course, other Tencent software has not been blocked yet, but the situation is not good.

Via: washingtonpost