September 22, 2020

Google is developing a Pixel folding screen phone codenamed Passport

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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold folding screen mobile phone was released, which can be said to completely ignite the folding screen mobile phone market. However, the main players in the folding screen mobile phone market are Samsung and Huawei. Due to the lack of sufficient market competition, the two-fold Screen mobile phones are more expensive, and according to the news, it is said that the market of folding screen mobile phones will have a new player.

Recently, an internal Google document was leaked. The document clearly stated that Google is developing a Pixel phone with folding screen design, code-named Passport, which is expected to go on sale in the fourth quarter of next year.

Google confirmed last year that they are indeed researching technology related to folding screen devices, but because they have not seen a clear application scenario for folding screen devices, they have no plans to launch folding screen devices for the time being.

Pixel 4 firmware
“Papercraft Google Pixel 4 XL” by It’s Charlie is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The current latest news surprised everyone very much. Perhaps Google’s internal research has obtained the application scenarios of the folding screen mobile phones they think is valuable, so they will develop this phone.

If Google is sure to launch a folding-screen phone, the overall design of the body will most likely be very similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2. After all, this is a market-proven and valuable design.

According to another source, Apple is also working on projects related to folding screen mobile phones, but it has not solved the problem of wrinkling of the screen caused by the repeated folding of the mobile phone. Therefore, they have not yet planned to market the folding screen mobile phone.

Via: 9to5google