Virtual Phone Numbers for Completing Registering Process

Users no longer need to buy a new SIM for anonymous registration. They can free SMS receive to the OnlineSIM platform if they want to try the unique service of virtual telephony. Registering on any website will no longer make them weigh the pros and cons. Because it can be completed with a disposable phone number for just a couple of minutes and 1 cent.

Benefits of Using Virtual Numbers to Receive SMS

Having opened an account on the OnlineSIM platform, the user will be able to receive an SMS with a registration code at any time of the day or night without disclosing his personal phone number. This means that thanks to the SMS SIM he will be spared from many annoying things:

  • pushy marketing ads sent to his phone number
  • blocking pages on social networks
  • regional restrictions on website or application services
  • leakage of his personal confidential data.

Which Virtual Number Should I Choose for Registration?

  • There are people whose work is connected with frequent registration and receiving multiple SMS during the day. It is better for them to choose a Virtual SIM on the principles of rent. Its cost is low – from $2 per day, but the number of received SMS and websites for registration is not limited.
  • If you need this service only occasionally, opt for disposable virtual numbers. They are deactivated 10–60 minutes after receiving SMS, but during this time you have time to complete the registration on the desired website.

A virtual number gives more freedom and saves not only from fears, but also from very real problems with the disclosure of a personal phone number. Automatic registration algorithms will not distinguish a virtual number from a real one. They will readily accept the code received in the OnlineSIM account and allow you to use any closed Internet resources.