Valve will limit the use of artificial intelligence to generate game content on Steam

News has circulated on Reddit that a number of game developers have faced rejections when submitting games with artificial intelligence (AI) generated content to the Steam platform. These developers are now required to provide additional copyright proof for their content, failing which their games will not be approved for listing.

According to Valve, the creator of Steam, AI-generated content carries potential legal uncertainties. Therefore, in consideration of copyright laws, unless the game developers can demonstrate the legality of the copyright of the content in their submitted games, such games will not be approved for listing on the Steam platform.

Valve’s stance does not prohibit developers from creating game content with AI technology. However, developers must provide extra evidence of copyright legality. For instance, if a developer can prove that their game is created using development tools like Unity and uses its AI technology to generate game scenes or NPC characters, they will secure Valve’s approval.

However, if a developer utilizes self-developed AI technology to generate content, they will need to additionally prove the copyright legality of the content produced by their technology. Alternatively, they can remove the AI-generated content to avoid future disputes.

In addition to Valve, platforms like Getty Images and the Japanese artist exchange platform Fanbox also prohibit the upload of AI-generated content. This restriction does not extend to creations made with AI technology and primarily concerns issues of copyright recognition.