US Department of Commerce has received over 130 license requests to sell US company products to Huawei.

Reuters recently quoted sources as saying that a number of companies have applied for permission after President Trump said that he should allow the sale of products to Huawei. The US Department of Commerce, which is currently responsible for managing licenses, has received more than 130 applications, and all of these companies are hoping to continue selling products to Huawei. However, the Trump administration has not yet responded to these special license applications, so no company has obtained a Huawei special sales license.

Huawei ban

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Trump has publicly stated that US companies should continue to sell products to Huawei, which has made many US companies involved in Huawei’s supply chain see hope. Some small and medium-sized US technology companies with Huawei as their main customer are currently in a stagnant position. The inability to sell products to Huawei means that these companies are facing a production suspension crisis. It is also the case that so many technology companies have lobbied that the US government department hopes to get a special license, but it seems that these lobbyings have no results yet. A US Department of Commerce spokesperson said that an inter-departmental process is underway to weigh the related applications with Huawei and its non-US subsidiaries, but there is no final result.