Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Facebook’s Libra Project Launched Bug Bounty Program with Award $10,000

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Facebook and its partners are advancing their Libra cryptocurrency program and announced that they are working with HackerOne to launch a Bug Bounty Program for applications on the Libra blockchain. Although government regulators have asked the company to suspend the project in order to assess Libra’s legitimacy and its potential threat to the global financial system, Facebook’s footsteps do not seem to have stopped, and a Bug Bounty Program has been launched to prove the company’s determination.

Libra cryptocurrency

It is reported that for the project developed on the test network of the cryptocurrency fund, any security expert who finds a loophole in the project code can get a reward of up to $10,000. “We hope that developers will bring a diversity of perspectives and expertise to this initiative while holding the Libra Blockchain to the highest security standard,” Aanchal Gupta, security director at Facebook subsidiary Calibra, said in a statement.

Via: LifeHacker