After upgrading iOS 11 need to pay attention to a problem: check the picture/video default format

IOS News

According to foreign media neowin reported that when Apple in this year’s WWDC announced iOS 11 promised, the new system will use HEIF format to take pictures, use HEVC format to shoot video. These formats will allow these media content to be able to reduce the amount of space they occupy in the device or iCloud on a high-quality basis.


But one problem is that HEIF and HEVC are not currently compatible with all applications, such as when a HEIF picture sent to Skype software friends, the other party will not receive, even if the other side is also used iOS 11 devices.


To this end, Apple in iOS 11 provides a solution, that users can be in the camera format will be “High Efficiency” to “Most Compatible” (most compatible). At this point, the picture is formatted in the normal JPEG / H.264 format.

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