iPhone 5s run iOS 11: APP load time increases, Safari performance improvement

IOS News

iPhone 5s introduced in 2013 is the oldest device to support the iOS 11 system, according to the survey data released on Tuesday, compared to running iOS 10 iPhone 5 devices or running iOS 9 iPhone 4s device, iPhone 5s in the upgrade to After the new version in the performance of a slight increase.

In most cases, iOS 11 load time than iOS 10.3.3 system to be slower, usually in the range of 1 second. From the list of information displayed, email, notes, and maps and other parts of the application of the loading time has been lengthened, but the camera application start-up time has not changed, but the cold start time from 26.6 seconds to 38.6 seconds, Download and apply the installation time will have a longer time.

After the “Reduce Motion” option is turned on in iOS’s secondary settings, the applied load time can be improved by 0.1-0.9 seconds, but some extra animation is sacrificed. In iOS 11 Safari browser running sub-subtle improvements, iPhone 5s loading time by hardware restrictions, in addition to the use of Apple Pay, 3D Touch, ARKit and Siri updates and so on.


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