Unreal Engine 4.17 Officially released, contains a lot of improvements

Unreal Engine 4.17 has been released, this version contains more than 90 improvements. The new version uses the new Composure synthesis system and the Image Plate plug-in, providing a powerful and flexible way to combine real-time rendering with real-time action material.

4.17 brings new tools, workflow enhancement, and performance optimization to make it easier than ever to develop and implement the quality of your expectations and performance requirements. With the new platform support and extension capabilities, Unreal Engine offers an attractive experience on any platform.

Change log:

New: Improve Sequencer

Minor Improvements

  • There are now Attenuation settings for audio sections attached to Actors.
  • You can specify attach and detach rules for attaching sections.
  • We added cinematic options to the Level Sequence player.
  • We added Key Time to the Vector, Transform, Color key property editors.
  • There are now hotkeys to step to next/previous shot (Shift + Comma and Shift + Period).
  • Snap scrubbing to keys now allows scrubbing outside tolerance.
  • You can now activate real-time viewports when switching into Sequencer using a setting in Editor Preferences.

Bug Fixes

  • Bindings overhaul
  • Fix – Spawnable state/properties not getting saved/restored when despawned/respawned
  • Fix – Sequencer outliner added extra nodes when filtering
  • Fix – Load level sequence asynchronously
  • Fix – Autokey not saving the property value before creating a keyframe (needed to properly restore)

More info, visit here.

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