Ubuntu 17.10 tweak: Dock is always visible by default


The GUADEC Developer Summit for the GNOME project has come to an end today, and Didier Roche from Canonical has announced that the Ubuntu Desktop team has been working on the Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) migration process with the GNOME team and has provided Very clear development ideas and direction.


At this GUADEC summit, the Ubuntu Desktop team will definitely provide more optimization for the GNOME desktop environment, including the default visualization of Dock through the extensive use of the Dash to Dock GNOME Shell. However, compared to the original version, the team decided to use to further optimize the Dash to Dock, if the user wants more features can visit the GNOME Extensions website to install. And the new version will activate the Ambiance GTK theme, Ubuntu font, and Wayland display server protocol by default.

“We plan to use the always visible class Dock experience to default as a GNOME Shell extension, and we plan to use Wayland by default in Ubuntu 17.10, but we still offer X.org,” wrote Didier Roche, technical director for Ubuntu Desktop in the official blog post.

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