Cybersecurity expert said that: the United States targets Huawei, just a trade politics

Dave Palmer, Darktrace’s director of technology, pointed out that the US’s deliberate attempt to pick out China’s Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. on national security issues is purely for trade and political purposes. Palmer thinks the accusation is a bit absurd. “Maybe if you’re in the military and you’re building a missile, for instance, you want to… make sure you have full assurance of your supply chain.”

Huawei ban

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He continued, “But for consumer technology, we operate in a joined-up way with companies all over the world. Given how interconnected the supply chain is, even if an individual country like the US shuns Huawei, the company’s technology is bound to exist at some point in the ecosystem.”

The US believes that Huawei has the ability to monitor customers, and for this reason, it is actively lobbying its allies to exclude Huawei from their respective 5G networks. “Why would it be OK for a smartphone or a laptop to be made in China but not the 5G equipment?” Mr. Palmer said.

Source: straitstimes