unc0ver jail​break tool now supports iOS 13.5.5

Previously, the jailbreak team used a kernel-level vulnerability in the iOS system to release a jailbreak tool. The unc0ver tool supports the perfect jailbreak of multiple Apple devices.

After the release of the jailbreak tool, Apple also quickly released the iOS 13.5.1 version to block the vulnerability. Originally, the theory said that users will no longer support jailbreaking after upgrading.

What is interesting is that the jailbreak team has quickly launched a new version of the jailbreak that supports iOS 13.5.5 beta, indicating that the jailbreak team also has multiple security vulnerabilities in hand.

Usually, the jailbreak team chooses to release the jailbreak tool after the large version is released, so that it can not only support more users to jailbreak, but also prevent the vulnerability from becoming invalid immediately.

This jailbreak tool for iOS version 13.5 is considered a large version of the tool. Normally, users who want to jailbreak should take advantage of this vulnerability to complete the jailbreak.

Unexpectedly, the jailbreak team may have other vulnerabilities in hand, because iOS 13.5.5 now supports jailbreak, indicating that the iOS 13.5.5 exists vulnerability.

The only difference is that the jailbreak tool for iOS 13.5.5 beta requires users to download the IPWS firmware and then restore the firmware to the device through the iTunes tool.

The firmware download link is actually from Apple, so if Apple feels it is necessary, you can also cancel the link and turn off the verification of this version at any time.

Interested users can click here to download the unc0ver version5.2.