September 27, 2020

BellTroX attacked tens of thousands of global politicians and rich people in 7 years

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Commercial espionage companies are not uncommon, but most espionage companies have been exposed early. It is difficult to hide their identity for a long time and charge an attack on specific users.

Indian IT company BellTroX is such a top commercial spy company, which has not been discovered for as long as seven years.

Recently, a security researcher of an Internet public welfare organization exposed the company after years of tracing. The analysis report also immediately caused heated discussions in Western countries.

Because this unknown company from India has illegally attacked tens of thousands of politicians, rich people, top analysts, and related personnel from all over the world.

Commercial espionage companies are actually very common cases in the security industry because most of these espionage companies rely on visibility to solicit business, so they are usually not hidden.

ICS Attack Framework “TRITON”

For example, many commercial spy companies from Israel provide services to global government agencies, so it is not particularly difficult to track them.

And this kind of commercial spy company that is hidden in this field is relatively rare. Such companies usually act as online mercenaries and attack as long as they give money.

Security researchers tracked and combined with information provided by the company’s former employees found that the Indian company, BellTroX had attacked tens of thousands of specific targets in seven years.

Its targets mainly include government officials of the European Union and EU member states, the United States and its government officials.

It took more than two years for security researchers to figure out the company’s infrastructure. The researchers said this may be the largest cyber mercenary ever.

After Reuters published the researcher’s report, it also attracted US attention. US law enforcement agencies will investigate the company’s attacks on the US government and US companies.

However, at present, both law enforcement agencies and judicial agencies in the United States have refused to comment on this incident, so it is unclear whether there are more details about the spy company.