Ubuntu will restore the window control button to the right in the next release

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After a survey conducted last month, Ubuntu will put the minimize, maximize and close buttons on the right side of the window. In the survey, 46.2% of people said they like the left button, 53.8% of people like the right side of the window control button. 7 years since the window control button has been on the left, a large number of users have expressed dissatisfaction, but Ubuntu founder Mark Chartres believes that the control buttons need to be transferred to the left because they need to be with the newly introduced window indicator jobs.

An Ubuntu spokesperson said that in Unity, Ubuntu placed the window control button at the top left, but it was especially important to consider why some applications might use the GTK Header Bar. Ubuntu survey shows that users have different views on this issue, want to place the user on the right side a little more.

Ubuntu 17.10 will be released in October, and GNOME different, Ubuntu will include minimizing, maximize and close the window button, so that more accustomed to Windows users more familiar with. Those who want to move the control buttons back to the left can use the GNOME Tweak Tool to move them back to the left.

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