Android 8.0 official version will push next week


At present, Android O (Android 8.0) has pushed all four versions of developer preview, basic look and outline stereotypes.


As planned, Google is expected to release the official version this month, the news has been well-known Android vertical media Android Police responsible editor David Ruddock confirmed that he revealed on the Twitter, Pixel may be received next week OTA.

However, even if the informant is reliable, in the last minute before signing the official version, Google has the possibility of delay, so we temporarily marked on the calendar.Of course, there is an unresolved question is, “O” specifically refers to which kind of desserts, such as Oreo (Oreo), or Oatmeal Cookie (oatmeal).

This year’s Android 8.0 said APP start speed 2 times faster, limiting the background activities to further reduce power consumption, while the new features are picture-in-picture, native application angle, notice grouping.

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