Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Ubuntu LTS provides the latest Nvidia driver now

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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS users can now install the latest version of the proprietary Nvidia driver via the regular Ubuntu update channel without having to use a separate PPA or manually install it in an old fashioned way. Ubuntu’s  SRU (Stable Release Update) program makes this possible. It is also the way to keep other applications (such as Mozilla Firefox and Chromium) up-to-date on long-term support releases. Now, the program has finally expanded to the proprietary Nvidia driver for Linux.

Ubuntu official Twitter account announced the news and attached a commentary video: Nvidia driver update will be packaged into the -proposed update channel for testing, no problem, then sent to the -updates channel push. This means there is no need to manually download the update installation, and the latest Nvidia drivers are available out of the box on the 18.04 LTS.

Not only 18.04, but 16.04 LTS version will also soon get this feature.


Users of any Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, such as Linux Mint 19.1, Zorin OS 15, etc., can also get Nvidia driver updates.

Source: omgubuntu