Ubuntu expands its Kernel uploaders team

Linux kernel removing support x32

As the Linux kernel becomes more widely used, it is also increasingly affected by more CVE security vulnerabilities, especially those with higher severity. In order to install patch updates to the kernel in a timely manner, more Ubuntu developers now have the right to upload new kernels for upgrades.

Linux kernel removing support x32
According to the mailing list, Ubuntu’s Kernel Uploaders Team has approved Tyler Hicks (Ubuntu Kernel Engineer), Juerg Haefliger (developed in the stable kernel group, familiar with CVE vulnerabilities) and Khalid Elmously ( Existing kernel team members) added to the kernel upload team.

The first order of business was to formally announce an organisational change. The ~ubuntu-kernel-uploaders[1] administrators team had fallen to a single member. We[sic] have formally invited Tyler Hicks (~tyhicks) to join the team administrators; which he has graciously accepted.

Next we reviewed the Kernel Upload rights application for Juerg Haefliger (~juergh)[2]. Juerg has been working in the kernel team for the best part of two years and has been working on the stable kernels as well as some of the recent high profile CVE issues. His application was warmly received by the team.

Lastly we reviewed the Kernel Upload rights application for Khalid Elmously (~kmously)[3]. Kahlid has been working in the kernel team for well over a year, and has been a long term member of the Stable Kernel Team driving
fixes into the stable series. Again his application was warmly recieved by the team. Tyler spoke eloquently on his behalf.

The Ubuntu Kernel Upload Team is a small group on the Ubuntu development team with permissions to upload kernel packages directly into the package archive.