October 24, 2020

Ubuntu 17.10 system: Ubuntu Dock more details of the exposure

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Ubieru project contributor and developer of Open Source group Didier Roche are pleased to announce the latest developments in Ubuntu Dock, showing that the Dock is on the left side of the screen, somewhat similar to the current Unity Rapuncher in Ubuntu’s latest stable version.


Ubuntu Dock in the popular expansion Dash to Dock-based on the adjustment will appear in the upcoming Ubuntu 17.10 system.



Roche wrote in Bowen: “Today is a good day in the upgrade (and everything began to migrate) in the process, Ubuntu 17.10 system Ubuntu Dock will be installed and activated by default.It is worth noting that this has been integrated into the GNOME Shell ubuntu mode, and will not be activated in the GNOME vanilla session. ”

Ubuntu Dock retains all of the Dash to Dock settings, meaning that users can adjust all settings, including location, size, color, transparency, behavior, and so on, with the tireless efforts of the Canonical team.


Roche said: “You can change the size of the icon in the Launcher, change the Hide mode (activate Intelli hide) settings, display the Dock on a multi-monitor, or set it according to user preferences. If you install Dash to Dock, Naturally, these adjustments are only visible in the Ubuntu session and can not work in GNOME vanilla.