October 24, 2020

Busybox 1.27.2 release

1 min read

Busybox 1.27.2 released. BusyBox is a software that integrates more than one of the most commonly used Linux commands and tools. BusyBox contains some simple tools, such as ls, cat, and echo, etc., also contains some of the larger, more complex tools, such as grep, find, mount and telnet. Some people call BusyBox a Swiss knife in the Linux tool. Simply say BusyBox is like a large toolbox, it integrates a lot of Linux tools and commands, but also contains the Android system comes with the shell.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed svc (specified using multiple options)
  • Unzipped (big-endian fix)
  • Shuf (always move the first line in other places)
  • Tls code (asm compiler on x86)
  • NOFORK (“rm -i” and yes “can not be interrupted)
  • Slightly support Fedora build