Ubuntu 17.10 default GNOME Shell theme and login interface exposure


Ubuntu 17.10, which is equipped with the GNOME desktop environment, will be released next month, and Canonical decided to abandon its own Unity desktop environment to create and optimize on GNOME Stack, and there will inevitably be a lot of problems in such a large version of the adjustment. The team created the Fit & Finish Hackfest meeting to fix these problems.










Last month, Canonical Will Cooke said in the weekly news that the Ubuntu Desktop team is trying to integrate the default Ubuntu GNOME Shell and meet the existing standards after the system can be installed at any time to add a variety of GNOME Shell session.

Earlier today, the Ubuntu contributor Didier Roche announced the new GNOME Shell theme, based on the upcoming GNOME 3.26 desktop environment. “We are based on GNOME Shell 3.25.91 and now becomes a transparent top panel when there is an application touch.”

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