Google Chrome 61 official release


Chrome 61 official version released today and added a lot of developer-related features. In Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, Chrome 61 began to support the WebUSB API, as well as the PaymentRequest API. The Advanced Network Platform API supports most hardware peripherals such as keyboards, mice, printers, and game handles. In order to use dedicated USB peripherals such as education, science, or industry, users must use system-level permissions to find and install potentially unsafe drivers and software.

Chrome now supports the WebUSB API, allowing network applications to communicate with peripherals with user consent. This enables all of the features provided by the device, while still ensuring network security.

The PaymentRequest API provides a secure, seamless cross-platform check out experience. In Chrome 61, the browser also supports the network information API, which means that the site can access device information, such as the device memory API can detect memory possession to optimize the web application.

In the Android version of Chrome 61, the new addition of the new Web Share API network sharing feature, the browser can activate Android native sharing.

A Number of 61.0.3163.79 the contains the Chrome and fixes Improvements – A List of Available Changes in IS The log Watch for Upcoming OUT. The Chrome and the Chromium Blog Posts About new Features and Big Efforts in 61 are delivered.

Security Fixes and Rewards


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