Total War: Pharaoh has been postponed to early 2024 to be launched on the Epic platform

Previously, SEGA, in conjunction with The Creative Assembly, announced the latest installment in the “Total War” series titled “Total War: Pharaoh.” Initially slated for release on October 11, 2023, it is set to launch on PC platforms, including both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

As its release date approaches, the launch timeline for “Total War: Pharaoh” on the Epic Games Store is ambiguously labeled as “Coming Soon.” However, the Steam platform remains committed to the October 11 release date. The Creative Assembly elucidated that due to the Epic Games Store’s prerequisites for incorporating additional social features prior to the game’s release, the development team necessitates further time to accomplish this integration, thus postponing the launch until early 2024.

Consequently, the Epic Games Store has initiated automated cancellation and refund notifications to those who pre-ordered. Should customers harbor any uncertainties, they are encouraged to liaise directly with the developers. In an apologetic gesture for any inconvenience caused, The Creative Assembly suggests that those keen on experiencing the game earlier might consider transitioning to an alternative platform.

Upon its release, “Total War: Pharaoh” will be available in three distinct editions:

– Standard Edition: £49.99 / $59.99 / €59.99
– Deluxe Edition: £61.17 / $72.87 / €72.87
– Dynasty Edition: £77.96 / $91.46 / €91.46

The Deluxe Edition, built upon the Standard Edition’s foundation, integrates the “DLC Faction Pack 1” and a “Digital Soundtrack.” The Dynasty Edition, an extension of the Deluxe, incorporates “DLC Faction Pack 2,” “DLC Faction Pack 3,” and the “DLC Campaign Pack.” Currently, the Deluxe Edition benefits from a 10% discount, while the Dynasty Edition enjoys a 25% markdown. Players keen on pre-ordering “Total War: Pharaoh” can do so via the official store, Steam, or the Epic Games Store.