Razer Launches Wolverine V2 Pro wireless controller for PlayStation 5 and PC platforms

Razer announced the launch of the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro wireless controller for PlayStation 5 and PC platforms, with a suggested retail price of $249.99. Some time ago, Sony also launched its first high-performance, customizable handle DualSense Edge wireless handle, ready to go on sale in early 2023.

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro is Razer’s first console controller to feature a 2.4Ghz HyperSpeed ​​Wireless connection with a USB Type-A receiver for a low-latency, smooth connection. It is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, with overall dimensions of 167 x 106 x 65 mm and a weight of approximately 270 grams.
This wireless controller is very comprehensive in design, with mechanical touch buttons, which can quickly respond to triggers; provides an additional 6 multi-function buttons, including 4 additional trigger buttons and 2 remappable shoulder buttons, allowing players to perform more custom operations; the thumb-replaceable keycaps provide a better operating feel, and the handle comes with a set of low-profile and a set of elevated joystick keycaps; the trigger switch switches from a full-range detection pull to a quick click, allowing players to achieve faster firing triggers in first-person shooters.

In addition, through Razer Chroma RGB, players can customize approximately 16.8 million colors and rich lighting effects, and also dynamically respond to games that integrate this function, allowing players to enjoy a better sense of immersion.
Using the Razer Controller App, players can remap buttons, adjust lighting effects, motor vibration intensity, and more for precise sensitivity settings.