Top tips to improve Apache performance

Apache is still in the dominance of the webserver field. This article introduces the Apache performance optimization tips, if you can understand and master, you will make your Apache web server performance significantly improved.

Apache Pulsar


  • Remove unused modules
  • use mod_disk_cache
  • Install & configure proper Expires, Etag, and Cache-Control Headers
  • Put the cache on a separate disk
  • Use pipeline logs instead of direct logging
  • Put logs on different disks
  • use mod_gzip/mod_deflate
  • Turn HostnameLookups off
  • Avoid using hostnames in configs
  • Don’t set KeepAliveTimeout too high
  • Disable .htaccess
  • Allow symlinks
  • Disable mod_status
  • Avoid wildcards in DirectoryIndex


  • Improve Swappiness
  • Increase Write Buffer Size