Top 5 Best Ted Talks on Privacy and Security

TED talks are an excellent resource for learning. They connect field experts with everyday people, enabling them to learn new things in an interactive, dynamic manner. Recent privacy concerns in regards to cybersecurity have taken over the online community. Users are becoming increasingly worried about their privacy and security, especially because they aren’t knowledgeable enough on how to handle it. We’ve compiled a list of top five TED talks that discuss cybersecurity, best practices, and other useful information, so make sure to check them out.

  1. Keren Elazari – Hackers: The Internet’s Immune System

Keren is an independent cybersecurity researcher who has garnered a lot of attention from the cybersecurity community. Her talks have millions of views and are transcribed to dozens of different languages. This reaffirms her knowledge and the ability to share unique insights in a fun and engaging manner. She has worked with renowned companies and security firms, which are on the Fortune 500 list.

In this particular talk, Keren discusses the hacking phenomenon, and how important it is for creating a more stable cybersecurity environment for users. She claims that hackers are necessary because they discover potential vulnerabilities that should be addressed. This talk is unique because it provides listeners with a new perspective – are blackhat hackers a necessary evil?

  1. Jonathan Rajewski – How the IoT Is Making Cybercrime Investigation Easier

Jonathan Rajewski is a renowned digital forensics expert who works as the director of the Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation at Champlain College. He works with various non-profits, corporations, and governmental entities. He talks about how the internet of things devices can help improve the solvency rate in criminal investigations. One example of that is the 2015 murder case, where Amazon Echo was viewed as a potential homicide witness in the investigation. The talk is entertaining and engaging, proving how technology really can improve various aspects of our lives.

  1. Caleb Barlow – Where Is Cybercrime Really Coming From?

Caleb Barlow is a renowned security expert with years of active experience in the cybersecurity industry. In his talk about cybercrime, he sheds light on how lucrative cybercrime can be. He provides a thorough overview of the dark market, how it works, and how it impacts today’s society. Moreover, he expresses his concerns in regards to sharing threat data intelligence between companies. He calls for mutual collaboration between governments, companies, and institutions, so everyone together would create a much safer and more stable cybersecurity environment.

  1. Chris Domas – The 1s and 0s Behind Cyber Warfare

Chris Domas is an award-winning cybersecurity expert specializing in embedded systems reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, and manipulation of electronic devices. He is currently employed at the Battelle Memorial Institute in Ohio. He received the Emerging Scientist Award and Technical Achievement Award for his excellence and high-quality work.

In his talk, he notes that we’re living in the age of cyber warfare, which requires extreme diligence. He uses great examples to illustrate his points. Moreover, he explains how important it is to learn how to translate binary information into visual associations. He says that it would make it much easier for our brains to understand them and recognize specific patterns. The whole purpose of this talk is to show how cybersecurity experts operate to achieve challenging goals.

  1. James Lyne – Everyday Cybercrime and What You Can Do About It

James Lyne is the founder of Helical Levity, a global research adviser at Sophos, and the head of research and development at SANS institute. His goal as a public speaker is to make these highly-technical topics accessible to everyone. His talk about everyday cybercrime sheds light on how typical online activities can put someone at risk of being hacked or exploited.

He also demonstrates how easy it can be for hackers to plant malware on websites and digital devices, disguising it as helpful information. Moreover, he addresses the importance of familiarizing yourself with best practices against cybercrime, which everyone should implement.

Should We Be More Concerned About Cybersecurity?

One takeaway should be that everyone should become more mindful about their online security. Make sure to use VPNs, antiviruses, and other cybersecurity software and techniques to ensure that your online privacy remains intact. For those who wonder what a VPN is, it is a tool that encrypts your internet traffic and acts as an additional layer of security between you and the web. It is a must-have that prevents hackers from accessing your private information. And lastly, we recommend staying up-to-date with all recent cybersecurity news and developments to ensure that you don’t fall victim to existing exploits. Have fun browsing!