Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

TinyCore Linux v11 releases, Minimal Linux distributions

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The Core Project is a highly modular based system with community build extensions.

It starts with a recent Linux kernel, vmlinuz, and our root filesystem and start-up scripts packaged with a basic set of kernel modules in core.gz. Core (11MB) is simply the kernel + core.gz – this is the foundation for user created desktops, servers, or appliances. TinyCore is Core + Xvesa.tcz + Xprogs.tcz + aterm.tcz + fltk-1.3.tcz + flwm.tcz + wbar.tcz

TinyCore becomes simply an example of what the Core Project can produce, an 16MB FLTK/FLWM desktop.

CorePlus offers a simple way to get started using the Core philosophy with its included community packaged extensions enabling easy embedded frugal or pendrive installation of the user’s choice of the supported desktop while maintaining the Core principal of mounted extensions with full package management.

It is not a complete desktop nor is all hardware completely supported. It represents only the core needed to boot into a very minimal X desktop typically with wired internet access.

The user has complete control over which applications and/or additional hardware to have supported, be it for a desktop, a netbook, an appliance, or server, selectable by the user by installing additional applications from online repositories, or easily compiling most anything you desire using tools provided.

TinyCore Linux

TinyCore Linux v11 has been released, Tiny Core Linux v11 is mainly on the function of a small update and bug fixes.

Major updates include:

  • * kernel updated to 5.4.3
  • * glibc updated to 2.30
  • * gcc updated to 9.2.0
  • * e2fsprogs base libs/apps updated to 1.45.4
  • * util-linux base libs/apps updated to 2.34
  • * busybox updated to 1.31.1
  • * .ashrc removed #alias d=’dmenu_run &’


* we discovered a bug on the 32-bit version, in Intel IOMMU, preventing boot. If you have a high-end Intel system with IOMMU and VT-D, you may need intel_iommu=off to boot the 32-bit version
* the nouveau kernel module is now enabled, but it is in a separate extension and not in graphics-KERNEL. The nvidia binary driver is still recommended.
* Intel compute sticks, etc should now detect their embedded mmc flash
* for 64 bit version only: task_xacct and ipmi are enabled
* we will move extensions from linking to openssl-1.0.2 -> 1.1.1 as 1.0.2 is at end of life
* Xorg-7.7 will move from using the depreciated xf86-input-evdev to xf86-input-libinput, it is still possible to use xf86-input-evdev if required

Tiny Core Linux is available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions