Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Thousands of private Zoom videos were uploaded for anyone to watch online

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During the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a large influx of users in Zoom. They use the platform to stay in touch with their loved ones or use it as a video conferencing tool when working from home. According to the Washington Post report, thousands of private Zoom videos were uploaded to different video sites and video clouds, and anyone can watch them online.

The news was revealed by security researcher Patrick Jackson to the news site Mashable, who found more than 15,000 results when scanning unsafe cloud storage. In addition, he also scanned on YouTube, Google, and Vimeo, and found that there are several videos that anyone can watch.

Zoom privacy security issues
Zoom Communications / Public domain

Mashable pointed out that this may be a mistake when someone uploaded a private image to a public server. “This was stuff I didn’t feel good watching, and I doubt all of the people here know these videos are public,” he said.

A Zoom spokesperson then issued a statement to Mashable, clearly stating that users should exercise caution when uploading recordings to the Internet.

Zoom notifies participants when a host chooses to record a meeting, and provides a safe and secure way for hosts to store recordings. Zoom meetings are only recorded at the host’s choice either locally on the host’s machine or in the Zoom cloud. Should hosts later choose to upload their meeting recordings anywhere else, we urge them to use extreme caution and be transparent with meeting participants, giving careful consideration to whether the meeting contains sensitive information and to participants’ reasonable expectations.

Recently, Zoom announced that the company will suspend feature updates and concentrate on fixing security issues. Over the next 90 days, the company will use all resources to better identify, handle, and proactively fix security and privacy issues. Therefore, Zoom will not add any new features in the next 3 months. They will also conduct a comprehensive review with third-party experts and representative users to understand and ensure the security of their services.