Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

The United States will extend Huawei’s exemption period by another six months

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The US Department of Commerce has previously granted Huawei an exemption period to allow the company to continue trading, but the exemption of the temporary license will expire on November 18, 2019. At the same time as the ban was issued, the United States has not completely broken its cooperation with Huawei, especially in the rural areas of the United States, which need to rely on Huawei’s more competitive equipment.

If the license is not issued to Huawei, the rural telecommunications companies in the United States can no longer provide low-cost network coverage, which makes the US government fall into conflict. While using security as an excuse to suppress Huawei and having to rely on Huawei’s equipment, it must be said that the US government’s operation is really incomprehensible.

Huawei 5G base

The Politico quoted the core person in charge of the matter as saying that it is expected that the US Department of Commerce will extend Huawei’s temporary license again next week to allow it to continue its business. These businesses do not include Huawei’s newly expanded business, but those that have already reached a deal, especially Huawei’s equipment for rural telecommunications companies in the United States. The report said that the US rural telecommunications company purchased a large number of high-quality and inexpensive network equipment produced by Huawei, providing low-cost and high-quality network coverage for rural areas in the United States.

For the sake of the ban, Huawei will no longer be able to provide technical support to the US rural telecommunications companies, which will cause great trouble for these telecommunications companies and the users they cover. It is also the case that in the past few months, the US Department of Commerce has repeatedly extended temporary licenses to allow Huawei to continue to provide these customers with the necessary technical support. The extension of the temporary license is expected to be six months. Of course, the final result may be that the United States will continue to extend these licenses after the expiration of six months.

Temporary licenses to allowing Huawei to continue to trade with US rural telecommunications companies, such as cooperation with Google and Android systems can also continue with licenses. Android devices such as Huawei and Honor will continue to receive updates, which are security updates provided by Google or feature updates in system versions. The temporary license extension will expire in May 2020, which means that Huawei will still provide security updates for users at least until May next year.